07/1/2013 5.52 1:04:18 – My First MAF Run

Okay, this is a practical joke, right?

Did  my first MAF training today. For those who aren’t familiar with MAF training, it’s low heart rate (aerobic) training where you subtract your age from 180, and that is the peak heart rate for you to train at. The target window is this heart rate and 80% of this heart rate Since I’m 50, I need to train between 105-130bpm in MAF.

Do you have any idea how SLOW you have to go to keep your heart rate down there? It’s REALLY hard on the ego! I’m going to lose my reputation as the mine site running guru if too many people see me running that slow!! I had WALKERS passing me as I went up a hill (I will avoid hills during MAF from here on out).

My average pace for my “run” was 11:39/km. That is mind bogglingly slow.

This is going to be VERY hard. And VERY boring.


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