03/10/2012 10km 59:16 – Training Partners

There’s a young lad I work with, exactly half my age, who does a bit of running so I figured he was ripe for haranguing into accompanying me on a 10km run. My goal was pacing for this run, so I wanted to run a steady 5:30/km, not all that fast, a cruisy pace.

Well, the poor guy immediately started in on how I was going much faster than he normally does, but he was keeping up until about 4.75km where he turned back on a walking break while I continued on.

I turned around at 5Km and quickly caught up with him again, took a quick 100m walk break and cajoled him back into a jog. He didn’t last long and I continued on back to the top of the hill, ran another 1km through the village and ended my run, walking back down the hill to meet up with him and accompany him to the top.

So there’s the problem. How do you find a running partner at the exact level you are? Or preferably slightly better than you and willing to put up with you catching up to their level?

I’m hoping Mike wasn’t too scared off, I enjoyed having company which surprised me. I’ve never had a running partner before. We’ll see how it goes

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